Radio Network Planning

We have deep understanding of all the components of radio access network. Our RAN/RF engineers have years of execution experience on all network technologies across all OEM’s carriers.

We are experts in RAN design, optimization & performance monitoring. We offer both turnkey & staffing services that fit your needs.


Our team of experienced RF Engineers and project managers have deep understanding of RF Design & optimization principals across all existing technologies. We understand that operational efficiency of radio network is key factor for operators to derive healthy ROI. Our SME’s have years of experience as an expert in RF Design Principles, Antenna theory and RF propagation theory, Whether the customer is adding new coverage, capacity, or overlaying technologies, our experts can help.

Our approach is to design network for wireless customers to optimize the user experience. We have good understanding of factors that impact customer experience. Some of the key aspects of 4G/LTE network planning approach are:
  • Expertise across all technologies and OEM’s
  • Dimensioning user traffic in 4G networks
  • LTE dimensioning & resource planning
  • User experience in wireless network design
  • Measurements in LTE
  • Uplink/Downlink parameter dimensioning in LTE
  • LTE spectrum analysis
  • Reuse factor setting in different environments
  • MIMO
  • RFDS, CIQ, CW, Zoning, MPE, Integration, and Shakedown support


We have dedicated team for Network Integration of LTE networks .Our team has extensive experience in NSB, Carrier Adds, Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP), IPBH conversions of legacy T1 sites over to Ethernet backhaul, and BSC Cell ID Rehomes.

Our Network Integration team provides real time 24-hour reporting and trouble-shooting at all levels of the integration cycle. Our comprehensive Service portfolio ensures rapid resolutions to complex problems that decrease down time and limit network interruptions.
  • Expertise across all technologies and OEM’s
  • Remote & On-Site Integration Services
  • Scripting


Every wireless carrier must adhere to RF Safety compliance rules set by FCC Rules and Regulations concerning Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation . Our services ensure compliance with the FCC guideline for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.


Our field service teams have extensive experience working on-field on various wireless network elements. We have certified tower crews, Field Engineers, Drive Tester with:
  • Network drive test
  • CW test
  • Benchmarking
  • Interference hunting
  • Public Safety E911 Drive Testing
  • PIM hunting & Mitigation